Speculative Bitcoin Wallet captures the questions, speculations and abstract trends about the hype of Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency and the technological fuel behind it called Blockchain. Physically, every wallet is engraved with an Internet headline, its source, date, and price of Bitcoin on that day. After sweeping the Internet and creating a collection of all the articles posted with Bitcoin and Blockchain keywords in the past 10 years, these speculations were filtered and collected from January to December 2017, when the price of Bitcoin shot from mere $900 to $20,000.

These speculative, hypothetical and futuristic claims question the utopianism of this nascent technology and the societal sentiment around it. These headlines raise questions, make claims, and identify historical associations with its predecessor, the Internet, and reflect upon its technological intervention in our society today. Along with a physical manifestation of this wallet, SPECULATEBTC, a unique digital token on the Bitcoin blockchain is transferred to every Speculative Bitcoin Wallet by the artist to act as a proof of authenticity, artist signature, a deed or a contract that tracks the authorship and the ownership of this physical object.

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